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    Wink Gratitude

    Got a call last Friday night from the Shoot Captain that I beat for on a pheasant shoot to see if I could assist with bagging grain and feeding poults on Saturday, which I had to let him down on as my wee fella required a taxi to his football match. During conversation with Shoot Captain, he enquired if I had been out stalking lately and mentioned that if I fancied he was going out with a coupe of chaps to their ground on Sunday evening and I could join them.

    I have stalked the ground before with them and was fortunate enough to bag 2 stags on my first outing. So to say my anticipation was eager is an understatement.

    We duly arrived at 6.30pm with another couple of guys running late, so 1 gun set off to the highseat on the west of the ground with the shoot captain and I heading to the centre to a doe box. The other chaps arrived a half hour later disrupting the peace and made for the double high seat on the east side of the ground.

    The peace and tranquility of the location was soon restored with ducks on the pond, pigeons flighting from the trees and the occassional blast from the adjacent farms gas gun going off.

    A small buck appeared from the wood directly in front of us approx 120yrds out but we left it as we were after Reds so if fed along the margins and disappeared back into the wood as quickly as it appeared. Another 20 mins past then a hind with 2 calves appeared to the left of us. Good deer are starting to appear and we should be in luck for a Stag thinks I.

    Ten minutes passed with glassing of the clearing being fruitless, suddenly bang a shot went off nearby shattering the peace. This was the late arrivals connecting with a beast! Damn we thought that has put paid to our chances. The Shoot Captains phone was vibrating with a jubilant colleague on the end lamenting of a 160yrd shot off the sticks and grassing a stag. However, he did say there were 2 others with the shot one and they might head our way.

    Another 10 minutes waiting and our limbs were starting to seize in the cramped position in the box. Suddenly my partner tapped my shoulder and signalled to the left which was obscured from my view. I eased forward and glassed the ground to see a young spiker in velvet emerging from the wood about 160 yrds off. The staggie immediately commenced feeding on the rashes without a concern. A small argument ensued on who should shoot it, with each of us telling the other to take the shot, whilst waiting a while to see if another emerged for 2 shots!

    I conceded to my partners demands and lifted the rifle to the opening on the front of the box only to rattle my head off the corrugated tin roof! Fortunately the sound was muffled from the deer by the breeze in our favour and he continued to feed unperturbed.

    He turned broadside and stopped to feed, safety catch off and trigger pulled the 308 150 grain launched, however simultaneously the beast stepped forward as he fed and whilst the thud of the bullet announced the hit I knew it was slightly back. The beast turned and walked with derrierre facing us towards the wood, darn it I can't get another shot I thought, but the staggie turned side ways and before the 2nd shot was released collapsed dead on the ground.

    On gralloching the beast, there was no blood from the neck cut and the bullet had 'done the job' wiping out the liver and part spleen being further back with the cavity full of blood. It was also noticed that there was no exit hole and the bullet fragments were in the gralloch. As the light was descending fast, I was left to clean the beast and my partner headed off to get the quad. I decided to pull the carcass towards the doe box which was an easier route for the quad. Boy I need to get fit, the short 140yrd drag had me out of breath and perspiring. 5 mins later the quad arrived and off we went back to the road where we met up with the other chaps and both carcasses were loaded and off to the larder.

    Well it was very pleasing maintaining my 100% record on outings on their ground but what was even more pleasing was the good company, banter and opportunity to get out on their ground.

    Now for some hard work to repay them with brashing rides, feeding the pheasants and Beating on Shoot days, but that's what its all about!

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    firsttimer good result and a good account of your stalk regards pete .

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    Cracking!, well done Andy! Hope you get plenty more this season, give me a shout if you want to get out for another L2 wander soon


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    great write up, thats the way its suppose to be i think

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    Unfortunately light was going too fast and flash on my mobile wasnt working to get a photo.

    Thanks for comments Guys- much appreciated.

    Paul have pmd you.

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