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Thread: And still they keep coming

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    And still they keep coming

    Had a stake out on some rape stubble last night which lead to some very exciting shooting, this lot were taken over about a 45 minute period, my total for the year so far is 76 and im still amazed at the amount im seeing.

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    what's your trick? I keep smelling and randomly spotting glimpses of foxes on my grounds, but no matter what time of day I'm out, I very rarely see them out and about in a shootable position...I know there's plenty too! ARGH>>>

    I have tried a few different squeeks and calls, but to no avail...and the farmer's not liking me putting feeding/bait stations out.

    any tips?

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    Ive been most successfull this year by not trawling over thousands of acres in the hope of spotting them but instead sitting quietly where I know foxes are active and just waiting with the night vision. All areas will have hot spots which attract fox activity, once you identify them spend most of your time watching them. The field these were shot on has been very productive over the years and always seems to hold foxes, its just a pity there are trees in the way otherwise i would be able to sit upstairs in the house and shoot them.

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    Another one joins the "Patience kills foxes camp then"?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    well done I like it just sitting out let them come to you is my best way

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    Years ago I realised that you get as many by waiting in one or two chosen spots than chasing all over the countryside. You hear of some who shoot a load of foxes in one night, these are the exceptions. Most only shoot the odd one or two when they go out.
    Foxes cover a wide area and most fields in areas where there are foxes will get a visit most nights. Wait there and particularly if you have NV you will get one. More patience, less effort, same result. Not for all I know, but it works.

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    Another good night then cockerdog. Might have to invest in some NV myself. Got problems here with the local hunt lads driving around the country roads, spotting charlie and then purposely shooting by the side of then to make then lamp shy. Now the phessies are down its becoming a concern and driving me scatty
    ATB Gaz (nice highseats by the way)

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    snares kill foxes , how many could you look at in 2 or 3 hours , and they dont mind waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    snares kill foxes , how many could you look at in 2 or 3 hours , and they dont mind waiting
    Very true Trouble, and snares I do use on the shoot, but I dont have the time to snare all the land I control foxes on and it takes dedication to be able for many out there to check a snare line first thing every morning, plus pitting you wits against charlie with a rifle is much more interesting.

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