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Thread: New red dot for piggies

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    New red dot for piggies

    Ive just aquired one of these for the 30-06, it seems like a decent bit of kit and is well made as far as I can see.
    Has anyone come across these before its a winchester winsight, the only place I found them available on the internet is in easten Europe at nearly $200.....I managed to get this for 30 from a job lot of middle eastern military surplus, all brand new.
    I know theres more available if anyone is interested.

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    It's identical to numerous other sights that bear different badges and names including Nikko Stirling. They are made in China and vary in price from 25 to 150 but are all of the same standard. Give it a try and then when you find it starting to wander throw it away as they are all of the same poor quality. I have one in my gun room, it's only ever been on a .38 carbine but was a total waste of money from the very start. It's been returned and replaced twice.
    Two fellow club members have also bought similar red-dots and have had similar experiences to my own.
    Sorry about that cockerdog.

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    Glad it was only 30 then, will give it a try and see what happens

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    Fingers crossed!

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