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Thread: Wild boar seasonal protection Petition

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    Wild boar seasonal protection Petition

    Hi all, well stand up for what you believe.

    The Provision of Seasonal Protection for Wild Boar in the UK - e-petitions

    I regard the wild boar as intelligent and fascinating while being one of the finest game animals we can hope to hunt. As such, I feel that such a species deserves seasonal protection for the benefit of females and dependent young and would hope that most people would feel this is important, many thanks


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    I'm unlikely to ever shoot boar, but believe all quarry species deserve respect.

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    Signed-Well done for starting this Paul.

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    Are you sure that this is in the best interest of all concerned. Given the problems the Germans seem to have??

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    The problem in Germany is increasing vertically because of 1. the removal of the fenced borders to the east and 2. the massive increase in Biomass maize fields being grown to use as a methane producer to run electricity generators as an alternative to traditional electricity generation atomic or coal fired.
    This is unlikely to happen in the UK in the near future.

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    +1 Done ! but FC will shoot out of season anyway

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    Happy to do it.

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    I don't disagree with the OP, but I'm not sure it is all that simple. When would the season be? I imagine that for adult sows, the hunting season would be something like mid-September to mid-February? But if I understand it correctly, young sows breeding for the first time breed much later in the year, so to cover them too, you might have to restrict the hunting season to just mid-December to mid-February? Maximum welfare, maybe, but not a lot of time if population reduction/restriction is the objective.

    Would be interested to hear opinions on this from those who know more about boar breeding cycle. I note from the few books that I have about hunting boar that the general comment is that the hunting season often coincides with the period where for welfare reasons the boar should be protected, but I don't have more info on that.

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