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Thread: Fox call

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    Yup!, it's the only one I retain, out of all the junk & electronic this & that, we have tried over donkey's years,......... it basically reproduces the squeeks that we made as teenagers, lamping fox , using a blade of grass between the web of thumb & fingers,........ a little piece of polystyrene will also work when drawn across the vehicles glass.
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    I've been useing one every now & again had more good day than bad lol

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    take your old cassete tapes to bits and make your own

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    ive been using one of these recently. works well shot over 20 in last 3 weeks certainly better than my wigeon whistle.

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    I use one and also a Wam which seems to have a better pitch but not as loud. Calling a fox with it last week and it kept looking but wouldn't come in so I tried the polystyrene on the windscreen and it trotted in like a good un.

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    Just bought one to go with the WAM. I think the bid advantage is the ability to vary the pitch and volume whilst remaining hands free. Looks good but havent had chance to try in anger yet

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    i dont own one or any other fox call personally i dont think you can beat hand sqweaking but thats personal preferance but what i will say tho is that it does seem to be one of the better ones out of all that i have heard

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    Used 1 for about a year and find they work well and the variable pitch is good , i have now managed to loose 1 of the screws the fox call team is now made up of the wam ,this call and the foxpro digital and if none of those work land mines

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    Bought one of these about two weeks ago and it seems to make charlie stop in his tracks very quickly and turn and head towards you........very pleased with it

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