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Thread: Optics shops in London (or Cambridge)

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    Optics shops in London (or Cambridge)

    I'm considering investing in a new scope, are there any good shops in central London (or Cambridge) that anyone can recommend so I can "try before I buy"? Last scope I bought (Leupold VX-I 3-9x50) I bought without ever seeing or trying - a great scope for the price in my mind but I'd rather look see next time.



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    Sneezums in Bury St Edmunds were really helpful when I bought my Swaro 10x42 ELs from them; I spent a long while trying before buying (I was spending 1600+ after all!!!), and the assistant was only too happy to answer questions and let me try various makes and models. Not sure if they stock Leupold, but worth giving them a call perhaps.

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    If you buy online or mail order, the Sale of Goods Act gives you 7 days in which to return the items for any reason (i.e. even if not faulty) for a full refund. In other words, you can try them out at home at your leisure, provided that they are returned "as new", so don't mount them on the rifle! It might cost you the postage though...

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    ....why not wait till the Midland Game Fair in September and you can have a great day out and try out as many as you like.
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