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    Looking for a used scope to go on 17hmr somthing like a 3x9x50 ect leupold or similar good quality brand

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    leupold ? why would you want one of them for a 17 its not nothing to shout about and loads of money get a nikko stirling 6-24x56 for range and the money you cant do better.

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    There is nothing wrong with Leupold & Stevens or Nikko Stirling scopes. If you drop your Nikko, just buy another, if you drop your Leup, Smit, NF, Swaro or Zeiss, you will probably just check it and carry on, rather than have to stop shooting. You also do not need a 56mm objective if you have pied for the better glass, and on a small rifle, its nice to keep the scope in proportion.

    But to the point, I have a Carl Zeiss 2.5x10x42 (Victory Diavari, 30mm tube, No.4 ret, four years old) that you could buy for 650, or six Nikko's for the same price!

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