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Thread: Distinguished members

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    Distinguished members

    Ladies and Gentlmen,

    I was contacted by a member of the site recently who put forward a proposal which I thought was a great idea. So after a call to my two colleagues JAYB and csl we all agreed to put this on the site.

    Many on here have given their time and effort into raising funds for various charities, which this site has been proud to support. Furthermore many of the members have rallied to give their support by offering free stalking, goods, services and money, to all of you thank you.

    But there are a few on here who have gone beyond the norm by putting that extra effort and time into making it all work.

    These guys are.

    8x57 (mike) who I have met and enjoyed his company whilst in Scotland last year.

    Tartanjock (Stu) who I met for the first time some three years back at the CLA.

    Basil (john) who I look forward to meeting in the future.

    Yorkshirestalking (john) who I also have not met but hope to one day.

    Admin has decided that they should have the title Distinguished members as a thank you and recognition of their work for charitable causes.

    Alex will be putting some kind of mark next to their avitars

    Thank you gentlmen from the Admin Team

    Malcolm, John and Alex.
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    'spose I'll have to buy Basil a pint when we have our pub meet in October!
    Well done guys, you're a credit to the sport.

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    A grand idea

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    YES have to agree,Good idea

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    Thankyou Admin but it`s the SD members that deserve the credits, i just put some wheels in motion.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    great idea. i have only been a member a few months but have been offered advice and support beyond that i thought would be given.

    thanks for a great site Admin.

    regards pj

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    great suggestion,

    It is nice to now have a "distinguished members" category on this fantastic site, in recognition of peoples generosity and its nice for the recipients to be rewarded with such an honour.

    well done to person who suggested it in the first place and to the site staff who has agreed that such a membership should exist.



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    Guys Iím both extremely honoured and deeply embarrassed to be nominated for such a grand title, because as basil has already said itís the site members who deserve recognition. All Iíve done is a small amount of organising and arranging. Itís been the site members who have approached me, YES approached me, with offers of help or assistance including some very expensive prizes be it in the form of stalking or other goods.

    Iím very reluctant to start my own list of site members who have rushed forward to help for fear of causing offence to those that donít immediately come to mind because of my flawed memory, but the list is so long and the very last thing that I want to do is miss anyone off the list. None the less quite a few guys come immediately to mind mainly because Iíve had a fair bit of communication with them. Guys like Roedinator, Finnbear270, Buckup and even Sikamalc himself who has donated more than a few days stalking to good causes and site members.

    A lot of these guys have gone to great personal expense.

    They say ďthat you only get out what you put in to somethingĒ. Well thatís not quite true, because Iíve had a tremendous amount of pleasure, education and enrichment from the stalking directory over a number of years now. Iíve also had the great pleasure of meeting quite a few of the site members, who without exception it has been my honour to meet. Iíve taken far more out of this site than Iíve contributed to it. I just hope that the site continues to grow and to retain this willingness of the members to help fellow shooters and stalkers whenever possible.

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    Good to see recognition being given to those whom deserve it.

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    What a great idea totally agree with it,wonder who else is going to be called distinguished.I bet there are a few other members on this forum who would like the title, MUTLY off Dick Dasterdely springs to mind medal,medal,medal..

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