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Thread: first head for me

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    first head for me

    well i got my first buck although just a small buck im going to wall mount it as its my first i have boiled it out and is now waiting to be peroxided tomorrow i know how that goes but was wondering how you guys cut yours for the wall plaques do you use a normal hacksaw with fine blade in or another method and how much do you cut off the skull

    cheers webby

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    This might help, or ask someone who's cut one before to do it for you

    Carcass: Trophy preparation

    If not using a jig I'd mark it lightly in pencil on both sides and then cut. Try and use a decent hacksaw that doesn't flex too much. I'm sure others will have other ideas.

    Hold on the board (plaque) with either a clamp (these can be bought for a couple of quid), or use a small self tapper after drilling a pilot hole. If your not confident with doing this on your heid I've used grab adhesive in the past which wasn't visible.
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    try using a small drill like a dremmel with a cutting wheel in

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    Cut before boiling you can buy a jig and saw for doing this or do it free hand its not that hard, a woodsaw such as a sandvik is fine for cutting them, a hack saw is not ideal.

    Decide on the cut you want long nose, short nose or skull top best to get someone to show you the cuts, failing that
    you will get the idea from some of the stalking books pretty sure it shows you the cuts in Richard Priors Roe Deer
    Managment and Stalking and several others though I can't remember which offhand.

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    cheers guys its done now ill put up pic when its on wall


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