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    Hi , do you need a cleaner machine to reload or can you do it by hand

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    If you mean "Case tumbler/polisher" the answer is no (no machine) , and yes (I use 0000 grade steel wool) , or just keep your cases out of the dirt and don't polish them at all....which is what I do most of the time.~Muir

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    Thanks for that , do you use a bottle brush inside or is it not needed

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    RCBS makes neck brushes and in a pinch, I will use a nylon bore brush for necks. I tend to consider this more of an accuracy enhancement than just prettying up the brass. Less grit in the neck = more consistent neck tension.~Muir

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    You dont need a tumbler you can do it by hand.Depends if you have the time if you shoot a few thousand rounds of ammo ayear you will be there a while.I would get a tumbler and go shooting while they are cleaning much better way to utilise your time.

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    do my 270 by hand.

    lee shell holder, mounted in a cordless drill
    with one shell mounted and in one sitting I:

    trim for length with the Lee tool,
    chamfer neck (gently),
    clean inside the neck with a .338 mop with cleaner near the thread end (this gets cleaned off by the opposite end as it is withdrawn),
    clean outside with some left over brasso felt.

    takes about 20 secs per shell

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    That will do me , one last quicky a pro trim gadget is that also same as that theres non real need unless doing thousands , theres one forsale thats why i ask

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    Always rub by hand in a bar towel, seems rough enough to polish a bit and also gives an opportunity to look and feel each case for imperfections prior to trim etc.

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    Thanks everyone for your help , my ABC of reloading has arrived so will get stuck into that

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