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Thread: Deer Stalking opportunities Shropshire Mid/North Wales

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    Deer Stalking opportunities Shropshire Mid/North Wales

    I have just lost my stalking ground due to the Farmer buying the land, he has also taken shooting rights for him self and not offered back to the syndicate, i thinks the lovely head of roe and muntys we had for 12 years kept him green, any way what i would like to no is there any body that would like a hand on culls/stalking ect not asking for permission or for free just a casual few times a year and not costing to much, i live in shropshire so from midlands to wales would be great.Please


    Hi, i'm new to this forum but supprised i have had no responce to my question, i will supply a little more data but all i'm asking if anyone knows a good place in these areas i could go to from experiance, i am prepared to pay so no free bee's

    I'm 31, shoot CZ 22LR, 22LR semi, Weatherby Vangaurd 223, parker Hale 308, biakel U/O SG, and last but not least 22 BSA scorpian, i'm fully insured and have prepare many DEER for hanging and butchered.
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    Please Can anyone advise


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    There are a number of problems with your request. The first one being that you have not followed the site rules and put an introduction about yourself in the Intro section.

    Secondly to suddenly come fresh onto an established site such as the SD with a large membership of also established stalkers many of whom have got to know each other over a period of time and ask for help without them knowing you is also asking quite a bit of people.

    Whilst I am sympathetic to your situation your second post asking why there is no response in such a short space of time is likely to recieve a rather abrupt reply from some members.

    Can I suggest you look in the stalking availability section and get to know members through this channel by taking a few outings with someone. I think you will find some very reasonable offers on there. Once you have established yourself with members and the site I think you will find that it will open more doors for you and invites, many for free!

    Good luck

    Sikamalc (Admin)

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    Hi Silamalc
    Your advice has been taken on board and much appriciated, i'm new to asking for things on forums and may have presumed people would just read post on responds but as you say people need to now who you are and what you are about, as there are many people that don't act as they should shall we say and for some one to advise you and you splash there name about and turn out to be a bad one could damage there name amoung every one else.

    i am at work at the moment but will contiue this thread and do a proper introduct of my self and see if i can get to no the members
    i am sorry if anybody thorght i was rude that is not what i intended it to be, i am not like that normaly i am just eager to find some shooting ground localy that other member could recomend

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    there are quite a number of members in your area, including 223 and Tikka 308 both of whom are good guys. As I have said get to know folk first, you may find there's a meet up arranged of local members in your area if you look on the site and this will also help you introduce yourself.

    Many on here have taken their first deer through the site, and or recieved personal invites to stalk or take a lease place. So hang in there and give it sometime.

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    Ok thanks, how would be the best way to do that, Sorry for being basic, is it just adding to posts or just by starting general post about "subjects" and starting coversations with people


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    Look under social events and meetings to see if there is a meet up in your area. Also post a full intro about yourself in the Introduction section. Then take a look in the Stalking available section and PM one or two of the posters to see if they have avialability to take you out.

    Once you have established yourself ont he site there will be offers of help eventually once folk get to know you.

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    Thank you for your help, And this thread may be good for other noobies


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