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Thread: yet another bullet topic - Hornady HPBT

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    yet another bullet topic - Hornady HPBT

    I was doing the post mortem on some roe the other week, and found that my 87g Hornady HPBT's for .243 had completed disintegrated - ie. it seems they shed almost all their weight in the animal, even though there 'was' exit wounds around 1.5" to 2" diameter - was that just the shrapnel blowing the exit hole?

    also, it starts explaining why I haven't been able to recover bullets from behind my field target (dirt bank) Hollow Points really shed that much, or am I just cr@p at recovering bullets?

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    Hi Mate

    I removed a sierra 85g hpbt from a roebuck on Saturday and it also had nearly disintegrated. All the "petals" were gone and all I recovered was the base of the core. There was no excess damage to the carcase but also for the first ever time there was no exit. The beast did however drop on the spot so the bullet did its job correctly.

    I will be looking for the rest of the bullet during butchering.

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    thanks for your reply, let me know how you get on. I've recovered numerous Soft Point mushrooms, but never one from a Hollow Point, but yes, the deer I've shot with the hollow points have dropped like a sack of potatoes,...not one step - very impressive terminal performance indeed.

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    I have now butchered the roe mentioned above and did not come across any bullet parts what so ever in the carcase. It does make you wonder where they have gone any even more concerned are they spread through the carcase .

    If you see me active on the forum in a few months you will know i have not died from eating the venison.

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    Boat tailed bullets have had a reputation of shedding jackets since they were introduced and used on game animals. Flat based bullets seem to be more "robust" and seem to retain their jackets better even before bonding etc. One reason Joyce Hornady introduced the Interlock ring was to help address this jacket shedding problem. One thing to consider is do you actually need a boat tailed bullet for you shooting?

    The effects of the Boat tail on the bullet do not really become evident until past 300 yards.

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    I'm with you on the redundancy of boat-tails for short-range shots - there's no ballistic advantage until you get beyond the 250yd marker which is a very long shot.

    Match-bullet manufacturers like Sierra seem to market more boat-tailed than flat-based bullets which I usually go for. There is also a price difference of 10-15% between same weight bullets in GameKing SPBT and ProHunter SP, which earns more revenue without any difference in 'the field'.

    I think the OP's point here is the different terminal performance of the .243 87gr Hornady Hollow-Point (BT) from the Hornady 87gr SP. I've noticed that the 87gr HP inflicts a lot more damage than the equivalent SP bullet, and puts Roe down on the spot without an exit wound. I've noticed that it does leave shards of copper (and presumably lead too) in the chest cavity, whereas the SP usually carries on through. If it fragments much more in tissue or on clippping rib-bones and transfers more of it's energy to the target, then to me that's more important than a flatter trajectory.

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    I see what you saying regarding the boat tail, I use the sierra 85gr and generally dont shoot over 200yds so the boat tail wont help me much. I do however find that these bullets perform well and this is the first time in around 20 roe that one has failed to exit. Sinstral - I also use the hornady 87gr SP and find that they inflict more meat damage than the 85gr hpbt. I will be keeping an eye on this for a while but as for now I'm not too concerened as all types of bullets perform strangely from time to time.

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    Actually one reason I stayed away from using Sierra bullets for many years when ever possible was that I had a 180- grain .30 calibre Pro hunter, so flat based bullet, blow up on a Roe Doe at about 90 yards. The bullet fragmented and the jacket came apart on a quite mild .308 load. Sure the Doe dropped on the spot the exit was over 3". The bullet clipped a rib going in but the experience put me off using Sieeras for a long...................... long time.

    I believe I have, or rather HAD, some Hornady 87 grn HPBT bullet for use in the 6mm and .243. I was still in load development so never got to use them on quarry.

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    Ask EMcC, he has used these for many a year in his 243.

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