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Thread: .243 Optics

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    .243 Optics

    Hi there
    I am sure this has been done to death on numerous occassions....

    I am looking for an optics for a .243 rifle. I have been advised an 8x56 is the tool to have. Any comments would be appreciated. I would like something good for dusk/dawn shooting at good distances.

    Also, anyone that has anything for sale which would do the trick, please drop me a line if you are based in or around the north east.

    Many thanks

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    S&B (Hungarian) 8x56 will do the job. I assume they do an illuminated reticle, which will also help in low light, but will cost more.

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    Nice scope i have one, but for all round use a 3x12x50 or similar from a good manufacturer beats it all the time for me

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    Zeiss 6x24 x56 to much for stalking but what the hell atb paul.

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    I use a .243 for all of my full bore shooting. I have a variable 3-10 x 56. The more you spend the better the scope in theory. All modern rifles shoot straight so spend as much as you can afford

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    All just to find one!

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    The advice I was given a long time ago was to spend more on the scope than the rifle. I think that advice still stands and good scopes hold their value.

    Good luck. JCS

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    I prefer the 6x42 as the 56 objective lens sits quite high on the rifle, making proper cheek weld and eye alignment tricky without a comb raiser - IMVHO. Mind you, the 56 will gather more light, so better for dusk or poor weather conditions.

    I won't go far wrong with a Schmidt & Bender in either 6x42 or 8x56 (8x might be a bit much for woodland stalking though), there's usually some on sale on this site at good prices. 2nd hand I wouldn't pay much over 250 for a 8/10 condition scope, which is a great price given they are better than Swaro's and almost as good as Zeiss.

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    Hiya, On my .243 I have a 6x42 Meopta scope, and on my HMR I have an 8x56...I find the Meopta a crackin scope, which draws in tons of light...the 8x56 IMHO is for longer distance shooting....but still a very good optic....
    If I was to choose would be the 6x42 Meopta..which can be bought secondhand on here for app 200.......absolutely brilliant scope..

    Good luck in your hunt...

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    Good advice, i think i like the sound of the 8x56. Will post a message in the wanteds!
    many thanks

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