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Thread: Tikka T3 308

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    Tikka T3 308

    Hi firstly has anyone some good loads for different bullet weights and powders ? 150gr 120gr for a 308, ive used most powders but need some solid good advice on what powder and with which bullets , there seem to have been lots of luck but no advice as yet can you help.
    Also where best to get a sythetic stock for it as the wooden one is not very good { crap really}
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    Hi Kevin,

    I have a Tikka T3 hunter, been using lapua brass, cci primers with sierra 125 grain spitzers, powder load 44.6 of N140, can group them at 1/2 inch at 100 yards.
    hope this helps. worked my way up tweaking the load but stopped here as they were bang on every time



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    I use Hornady 150gr SST, Nosler Partitions and Sierra BTSP, CCI 200 primers and Sako (Norma) cases. I'm useing N140 at the moment because it is locally available but have used Varget, IMR4064 and RL15 with these bullets in the past. All gave excellent accuracy and velocity after a small amount of load developement.
    Suggest you look at the bullet manufacturers loading tables, they generaly give an indication of which powders will perform best with each bullet weight.

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    why do you say your stock is crap,i got a 695 tikka continental master in 30-06 with wooden stock and it shoots awesome out to 1000yds,600yds is a doodle,i shoot against accuracy internationals,trg's,custom remys.styers etc etc.was told mcmillain stocks are just a lump of plastic,they may look pretty but certainly from what ive been told nowhere near as well built as the likes h,s, percision stocks,bell and carlson etc etc,

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    My T3 hunter shoots ok with the wooden stock.


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