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Thread: wasps nest

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    wasps nest

    Does anybody know where i can get a 'blower' for applying wasp killer powder to the entrance of a nest. I have a bee keeping suit but this nest is deep in a shrub and would be 'interesting' to get to without the blower probe.


    PS, Tried the foam spray but that didnt work
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    weed burner in lidl's this week, fry them with suit on

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    Lol, wish I could but its in a shrub in the wedding pictures garden bit of a private house
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    a new [dry] garden sprayer with the adjustable nozzle taken off,if the powder is dry it should work in theory.if not can i come and watch from a safe distance

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    It would be a real shame if you got stung. Every time you come in the shop I consider that to be my role.

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    I used a piece of overflow pipe last week to kill a nest...a spoon of wasp killer in the in and used like a blow-pipe, 4 hours later just the odd wasp going into nest.

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    Great idea chickenman, I'll see if I can get Dereksnr to video it
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    Sx pest control have a set of bellows purpose made ffor it. Not sure of price though. Or you could load up some microbore copper pipe with seet of bellows on thee end or even a turkey baster. Use flexible pipe off of end of baster so the powder can sit in the narrow end and get fired up the pipe. Fairly obvious but wasps seem to get really cross if you blow loads of air intto there nest.

    Regards pj

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    I used a 3 metre length of 15mm copper pipe. Rammed it in the wasp powder, stood 3metres back, stuck the end of the pipe in the nest, quick blow then ran for cover
    Worked a treat

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    Don't forget it's a blow job and not a suck job

    Wouldn't it be easier to use an aerosol type applicator. These normally project a jet of foam up to about 5 metres. I've just dealt with one in the roof space of my house it was tight in the corner of the eaves and I didn't fancy getting too close to it.

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