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Thread: spare parts for Foster fridges?

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    spare parts for Foster fridges?

    spare parts for Foster fridges?

    I am a recreational stalker - mostly roe.

    A stalking buddy and I have acquired a used Foster fridge PROG1350H
    double door stainless steel, for use as a game "larder" - deer and small game/birds

    see: Foster Web Spares

    Spare parts from Foster themselves are a bit pricey, so it occurs to me that there must be a source for used parts, particularly hardware like shelves etc., that don't wear out?

    The one I have is in working order but the plastic(?) surround/mount for the Electronic Controller Display (00-554477) is missing. I guess I could fabricate something out of waste plastic, or cannibalise one from a non-working fridge?

    I have been given some extra shelves (?part No. 15271430), which will be useful for birds, but will need some extra Trayslides (?part No. 00-745542-01) - the stainless steel bits that support the shelves - 4 or 5 pairs.

    Any-one have any suggestions of where to start looking?

    I'm located in South Lanarkshire so can fairly easily get to anywhere in central belt/southern Scotland.



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    Alasdair. I have had good service from a guy called Bill Cooper. He is Edinburgh based on 07860 233 855. He may be able to assist or point you towards someone more convenient for you. Regards JCS

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    Thanks JCS.

    Edinburgh's easy for me, am in there fairly often. So I'll give Bill a phone after the holiday on Monday.


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