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Thread: Scope Help Required

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    Scope Help Required

    done before probably but i need some help.
    Ive narrowed my list down to the following and need some guidance.
    mainly woodland and all second hand and all under or near 300 and all fixed power
    Swarovski Habicht 6x42 300
    s & b choice of 4 with the cheapest at 275 hungarian
    khales 6x42 250
    zeiss diatal 6x42 350
    zeiss diavari 6x42 350
    the only scopes ive been able to compare with is my friends khales and a new s&b in the shop.
    i would appreciate every and all input as to which should be considered.
    sadly i cant get to hold and play with these hence my conundrum.

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    Given those listed, I think they are all going to be very close in the performance arena.

    Possibly with the exeption of the Khales, price is not really a major part of the decision making either.

    Personally, I would probably opt for the Zeiss or Swarovski only because I have used them over the last 25yrs or so.

    One other small point but may save money in the future. Are any of them 30mm tubes? I would assume 26mm with being fixed power. Should you at some point decide to go for a variable, most are 30mm tubes which may mean the cost of new mounts should your current fixed power be 26mm.

    The only thing I would add is that if your budget could stretch to it, the 1 1/2-6x42 swarovski is an unbelievable wee scope for woodland stalking. Given the close ranges you may shoot at turning it down to 2 or 3 for a quick free hand shot is a huge asset but fixed 6x is still a very sensible option IMO.

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    all are great scopes. I can vouch for the S&B and the Zeiss Diavari..but to be honest, pick one that's in the best condition, with the reticle you prefer and which fits your mounts.

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    I would have to agree with jamross65 and opt for either the Zeiss or Swarovski , i have been using a 6x42 Swarovski on
    my .22 for 10 years and it has been faultless unlike my shooting sometimes

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    Can i ask where are you getting these scopes for those prices .As im after one myself

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