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Thread: A-Tec CMM4 Alu Mod

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    A-Tec CMM4 Alu Mod

    To those of you that took the plunge and bought one of theses Aluminium CMM4ís

    1. How are you getting on with it now a few months have passed?

    2. Is the gas cutting an issue or is it just hype?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Loving mine - no signs of any wear yet and have it apart regularly because (a) the concern above and (b) it's so easy to dismantle and clean
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    top mod light in weight good sound reduction
    keeps balance of the rifle perfect
    doesnt look out of place on the wonderfull BLASER
    regards pete .

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    "doesnt look out of place on the wonderfull BLASER "

    Is that because you have a problem keeping it on it Pete?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    "doesnt look out of place on the wonderfull BLASER "

    Is that because you have a problem keeping it on it Pete?
    I was waiting for some smart alec to come out with a comment like that trust you thats borrowed mate

    as i explained to ben c whilst winding him up its the end result that counts
    thats why the trophy is sat on my mantlepiece
    regards pete .

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    I liked the noise reduction and weight balance of my CMM4 but found it cut badly and I put less than 100 rounds through it. I also did not realise before I bought it that it stated in the instructions not to use bullets of 100gr or more and not to use plastic tipped bullets in it. I was using a .243 and the moderator was marked to be used up to 6.5mm and at that size you would be expecting to use bullets heavier than this.

    I have sold it and since ordered the new atec maxim with steel baffles and aluminium body.

    It weighs more I believe about 370g for the 4 baffle version but is cheaper than the cmm4 was.

    It's arriving on Friday so looking forward to testing it out.


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    Works ok on mr .17 fireball but it is gas cut badly.

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    David, You will not be disappointed.
    I got mine last week and so far have zeroed with it on my new .243 barrel, three rounds, zeroed with it on my 30-06, five rounds and shot a fox and a Fallow.
    Played around with it on, using some reloaded heavy bullets, light bullets, PPU light bullets and some PPU heavy bullets all in all had some fun and put a few rounds through it.
    So far no sign of gas cutting, easy to clean and balances on my Blaser wonderfully

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    Just to throw a spanner in the works, I have the Roedale V with the first two baffles in stainless steel coated in TAiN. Now I have learnt to tighten it up properly it works a treat. 100 rounds, no cutting!

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    Chuffed to bits with mine so far. At first I noticed some erosion (roughening) on 2 of the baffles, but this now seems to have stopped. I use mine on a 308 and a 243, and it seems very efficient on both rifles.
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