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Thread: How American have we got?

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    How American have we got?

    I know this is a practice from across the pond but over here im not so sure.

    On one of my stalking areas ive been well aware of a high seat about 150 yards over the boundary facing into one of my woods, fair game yes but infront of the seat and only about 75 yards from the wood edge is a 50 gallon drums cut in half and both full of grain.
    Not the type for pheasant feeders but lids off and sat on the ground set out with only one purpose to entice the fallow out of my wood.

    I wouldnt be that bothered if it wasnt for the fact that there is a cracking small valley which always has Fallow feeding and would make for some cracking stalking wihout the need to bait.

    The sport is in the stalk for me as is with the majority thankfully but I would be interested to hear if others out there are baiting infront of high seats.

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    A gallon of parafin will work wonders

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    Don't fall out with your neighbours !!!

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    I think that is out of order. Yes the sport is in the stalking and in some cases baiting may be wise if shooting from a high seat. I say this because I just cant see any differance between waiting till the deer feed on say some coppice and the stalker moves a seat to suit or placing the seat and then encouraging the deer into a safe place to shoot them as part of a cull plan. This would be the differance between stalking and control or just deer shooting if you like. The thing here seems to be that the deer are not being stalked and yet as they are boundry animals they are being drawn in not for the sport of stalking but simply to kill. It just seems like not one thing or the other.

    Its not sport and it is not part of a cull plan Its just greed at worst and at best un ethical.

    Thats MHO anyway.

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    It will be like most "deer shooters" who just want to wack as many as they can and weigh in at the gamedealers!

    I've seen it all before- fields and rides littered with root crops and hoppers and people in high seats most nights without a care in the world to what management the deer need. Anything that walks out get killed and off to gamedealer! signs in some peoples eyes all the time I'm afraid.

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    I think that's pretty terrible neighbouring etiquette! Some of my grounds border FC land, and I have to admit that I frequently shoot deer that come out of the FC woods, over the fence and which stand and graze on my fields and in the crops, even though one could argue they are not 'my' deer (nor do the belong to anyone in fact). In one place I do have a highseat from which I can shoot deer that might come out of FC woodlines into my crops, but I would NEVER feed them out, NEVER!

    Then again are the deer FC deer because they sleep in the woods, or not, as they spend the other half of the day roaming outside of the woods on my land??? I guess you have to go by the notion that no-one owns deer in the UK.

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    I'm with the gallon of parafin arguement. However knowing that you're in my neck of the woods and guessing your fallow are on the Hambleton Hill side there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. There is a head keeper locally who feeds loads of deer and shoots almost none, if you're lucky its him thats your neighbour.

    Drop me a pm if you want a bit more info

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    It's nice to know non of you have to make living out of shooting deer,

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    He maybe doesn't but i bet he soon starts when he realises someone next door has started !!!!!!
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    No sport in that, No skill either......wasters !!

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