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Thread: Deer/Boar/Bear/Plains game calibre

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    Deer/Boar/Bear/Plains game calibre

    I'm looking to put a new calibre on my license shortly and am after one weapon which will cover large game in Europe/Africa and North America.
    I have been swaying towards a 30-06 or 300 win magnum.
    The only problem with the 30-06 is that it can't be used in certain countries otherwise that would be my choice.
    Prehaps you folks have a better idea for an all round calibre which won't cause too many problems getting past the flo( I have a .270 already). I already have hunting land in Canada for large game, so hopefully that will satisfy them plus the usual land for Red and Roe over here.
    So to sum it up, a calibre which will handle driven Boar, 300 yrd Chamois, Black bear and Africas antelopes.


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    What is the problem with the 30-06 that the 300WM resolves??~Muir

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    I guess you answered what I was thinking.

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    30-06 magic

    The only problem with .30-06 is it's use in some european countries that don't like military calibres. France being the one i know of. The 30-06 is a great round and will fit the bill for all you have asked.


    proud 30-06 owner

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    Huh! Remind me to stay out of France! Mexico is the same way, actually, but they ban 308 and .223 because their military uses it. If France really wanted to get technical... the 300 WM is / was a military round for the US Army in their match rifles. ~Muir

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    The French have never forgiven us for Agincort, even though we bailed them out in two world wars. Air France damaged my and my mates gun cases last year, damageing my Leupold MX III, my mates binos and both cases. It took 5 months of hard work to get compo, also forgot Cressey and Poiter, good old Henry 8th, some African countries will also not allow military calibres, the list is long including my favorite the 7x57, also the 6.5 swede, many hunting calibres have been developed from military rounds, they work, theres lots of surplus rifles, what danger do we pose as visiting hunters. I' msure there's another thread on this in the site. Lots of imfo in this forum love it. deewarden

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    Have a look at 9.3x62.

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    +1 for the 9.3x62 . It may not be a 300mtr Chamois round though.

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    In the States, 9.3x62 (or 9.3x57) ammo is almost unobtainable over the counter. Stick with the 300 Win Mag. Easily found in most places. ~Muir

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    .300 Win. Mag. [180gr Nosler Partition.]
    I used it on my second trip to Africa, bowled big beasties like Kudu and Red Hartebeast over like rabbits and did not half-kill me like the 8X68S I used on a previous trip.


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