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Thread: Sika Rut

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    Sika Rut

    I may be lucky enough to get a day down in Dorset soon on the Sika but can someone put me straight as to when the rut kicks off and finishes in that area .thanks in advance .FD

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    We normally get rut activity from Sept 15th onwards.

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    The date has been set for the 30th so lets hope theres a bit of movement .I understand they are very much weather orientated ,needs to be a bit colder to kick off ,is this true? .

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    30th Sept? Will be in full swing then.

    If it's 30th of this month then no chance.

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    30th sept mate ,cheers

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    They have started early up here in the north of scotland, called a mature 6 pointer in from 620m taking him at 140m, neck was starting to swell and coat was changing slightly, plenty of fat on him and i was eaten alive by those bloody midges.

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    Where you using a Sceery elk call?

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    Yes paul thats the only call i use, not great at it but it worked a treat last night.

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    guy at Macleod swears that it's the best for sika, can't wait to try it this year

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    You should try a sceery call and hoochie mama call, blow the sceery then a quick squeeze of the hoochie- brings them in a treat

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