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Thread: .308 reloading kit and consumables

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    .308 reloading kit and consumables

    Hello all,

    1x Lee .308 collet die boxed 11 SOLD
    1 x set of old RCBS .308 dies fl & st they need a internal polish and a new decap pin. a little bit of love and a few quid and they'll be as good as new ideal for someone starting out 13 posted
    344x Lapua 185grn .308/ 7.62 D46 bullets 45 ( i have no idea what these are worth so if thats way out enlighten me please) SOLD
    1 x lee zip trim 15 posted SOLD AND POSTED

    Many thanks
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    I'll take the 344xLapua 185grn 308 D46 heads please for 45 posted.
    PM with payment details.

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    Hi Maverick, having just weighed them it will be abit more posted after seeing the royal mail quote

    Are you still interested?


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    Maverick beats me to it again. DOH

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    and me 308 likes the old d46 too

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    Please let me know how much the postage is going to be & I'll then decide.
    Some courier firms are cheaper, worth a look.

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    Hi Maverick,

    Pm sent.

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    A price drop on the dies now 13 posted.


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