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Thread: Butler creek alternatives

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    Butler creek alternatives

    Ok I guess we all know that B&C covers are now crap!!!
    I'm not going to buy anymore for rm to break

    Do anyone got good links to alternatives ?
    I still prefer the same style , I prefer em to bikini covers
    I've seen similar but with yellow see thru covers but dunnoe who makes em or if they are any good

    Sauer/ Paul

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    I never found the need for them if you keep your glass clean with a hydroscopic coating, commonly called cleaning.

    I've tried them but find that once opened you have to keep them open as, when closed they mist up.


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    I have the yellow one on the back of my z6i as the bc ones wont fit on properly, they are called/made by Bushwacker.

    Hope that helps

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    I bought a Butler Creek neoprene scope cover from Bushwear - waterproof, durable, can be removed quicker than using flip up covers, and gives a degree of protection to the whole scope.

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    I only use one on the objective lens when it rains so much that vision would be impaired by the rain drops on the lens in a shot scenario - why else would you use one? mine is a BC flip up one, and I have scared a number of deer off by sticking my hand up to open it when in position to shoot, so I am getting a little fed up with them I have to admit.

    That's on my S&B, the new Zeiss has a nano-technology coating that repels water like a ducks back, no need for scope covers at all - perfect!

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    The yellow Quake covers are POS split after 3 weeks!
    Butler Creeks are ok if they come from the states (i.e. legit ones).
    The trouble is the rinky-dink cheapo copies which are not worth a fart in a bucket.

    Lotutec (Zeiss) is fine but I still use covers.

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    the but and cheapest i have had are hawke there about 6

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    Having bought an Accucover and being impressed by it's quality I got in touch with Nick Matthews to enquire about objective covers.... and they're in the pipeline.

    Rifle scope cover - AccuCover - reduces parallax error for faster and more accurate shooting

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    not sure if still available but iv got polar caps on mine,had them years and are superb

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    For wet days bikini caps or a carrier bag wrapped around the scope (seriously). Otherwise nothing.

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