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Thread: .308 and 6.5mm reloading bullet clearout

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    .308 and 6.5mm reloading bullet clearout

    SOLD to Srvet. Thanks all.

    Clearout continues.

    Hornady 168gr A-Max x 52 12
    Hornady 165gr SST x 187 50
    Nosler 125gr Ballistic Tip x 150 45

    Will sell as a lot for 95

    Speer 120gr Spitzer x 100
    Hornady 140gr Round Nose x 33
    Hornady 129gr SP x 18
    Nosler Partition 140gr x 8
    Nosler Solid Base 140gr SP x 9
    Norma Dual Core 139gr SP x 20
    Sierra ProHunter 120gr SP x 111
    Nosler Ballistic Tip 120gr x 40

    Will sell as a lot for 60

    Based Near Stafford / Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and up in Highlands in September.
    Must have correct FAC authority to possess.

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    When you are heading north would you be going up the M6 per chance?? May be interested in the bullets and may have a friend who may like the 243 ammo



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    Yes, will be heading up the M6. Probably 7th September. Cheers.

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    I'll take the 6.5's please.

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    Sold to Srvet following his pm last night. Thanks for all the interest.

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    Big thank-you to Mauser 66
    Was great to catch up, hope the scottish trip went well
    If you need a coffee on the way back just call in, you're welcome any time



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