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Thread: Powder measure, how accutate ?

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    Powder measure, how accutate ?

    I've been trying to set up a uniflow rcbs powder measure but can only get accuracy to +/- 1 grain. This is with H4831sc powder. Is this a poor powder for a powder measure or am i doing something wrong I intend to throw a light measure anyway then top up to required weight on the scales but would like to get the measure more concistent if poss.
    Any ideas

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    That powder has a fairly coarse grain size which does not help.
    I have 3 Uniflows on my loading bench set for different rifles.
    Some of these have been in use for over 30 years with NO problems.
    Get a trickler, it makes it easy to add to the charge on the scale.

    I find Viht. N140 and Varget flow much better with a greater degree of `drop` accuracy.


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    Cylindrical powders are a bugger to get measured correctly with a hopper-style measure. Try a couple of things: Try putting a card baffle (bent like a tent with two holes to let the powder flow by) into the powder hopper to keep the majority of the powder column off of the metering unit. That may help. Also, when you load the metering chamber, give a double rap on the stop. That will help settle the powder more uniformly.

    What caliber are you loading? ~Muir

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    I'm loading .243. I have two cylinders for the measure - the one i'm using is narrower than the other and hence needs to be set quite deep to throw the measure of 40 gn. I think i'll try the larger diameter one and the baffle idea and see what that does.

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    "Been there and done that", as we say. The baffle will help. Don't over look the double rap at the top of the meter loading, though. It really works for settling the load. Old measures used to come with a "knocker" just for that purpose.~Muir

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    The small measure was intended for pistol loads. Sometimes 2,6 gr. which I fired in my Smith & Wesson .357 Mag. in the good old days.


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    Thanks Muir and stag1933(or should that be Dirty Harry). I'll follow your tips.

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    I always have problems getting an accurate drop from the uniflow with the longer stick powders. I am general using N160 and H4831 for the 270win. I set the dispenser to throw 0.5gr short and trickle up to the weight on the beam scale. I would not trust the Uniflow on these loads. AS above, give the arm a smart tap or two as you throw the charge.

    However, on the finer / faster powders, RL7, Benchmark etc, it throws extremely accurately and I only weigh one in ten charges, I throw the rest straight into the case.

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