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Thread: Section 1 shotgun conditions

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    Section 1 shotgun conditions

    Have just had a section 1 shotgun granted after putting in a variation. There is only one condition for it that says:

    The section 1 shotgun may also be used for clay pigeon shooting

    Having not had one before, I would have thought it would, as the other conditions state for different calibres, state the actual quarry you can shoot with it......

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    This is an interesting point and I'll answer as I can for Wales & England:

    I suspect that the quarry you can shoot with your FAC auto is mainly governed by by other legislation. I think if I'm right, that you can't take game birds or wild fowl with a pump or a semi over a 2+1 capacity. So in essence you are limited to taking general license species with your FAC shotgun. (NB not sure how this works in Wales where Canadas are on the general license. To be safe check!)

    Also, if your shotgun requires an FAC because it is rifled (like some specialist skeet shooting shotguns) or has a shorter barrel rather than a capacity of greater than 2+1, I think you could still take game and wildfowl with it but again I'd check.

    Here's hoping you get some more cogent responses.

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    My section 1 states 'May be used for vermin control and ground game'.

    I was told I needed the specific condition adding if I wanted to practice on clays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikka View Post
    My section 1 states 'May be used for vermin control and ground game'.

    I was told I needed the specific condition adding if I wanted to practice on clays.
    Just read all the FAC sections and what I hadn't spotted was that they have bolted the section 1 on to the .22lr conditions, which conditions it for vermin.

    So to add on to this thread, what is the official home office guidance on what vermin covers, as on my .22 hornet I have foxes and vermin! Is the section one covered for foxes under vermin or not?

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    on my fac shotgun it states it can be onlt used for destruction of vermin

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    Mty Fac states thast my shotgun is for pest, vermin,fox control ,Wildboar, deer all with solid slug and clay pigon shooting/Target shooting and management of any estate, other wildlife, birds. subject to the wildlife & countryside act 1981
    And also practical shotgun for some reason?

    I think that covers just about all of it.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I don't have a s1 shotgun but I have slugs on my FAC for use in my 3 shot, they are conditioned for vermin oh well... happy days

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    I was just reading your thread Paul about slugs and how you were going to apply so you could use them in a section 2. Cannot believe you got vermin added for reason for the slugs! Depending on your FLD's views, that would cover boar. Over here any other lawful quarry covers that, but on my section one to begin with just has vermin, which looking into it would include piegeons, crows etc as outlined on the general licence as well as squirrels/rabbits etc.....?

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    To be honest I was shocked at the condition, I mean vermin.... vermin!!! Couldn't believe it, because 1oz slugs are just the business tut It was meant to be fox control and zeroing for the optic on the 3 shot in prep for Bulgaria

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