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Thread: BDS Dogs for deer day

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    BDS Dogs for deer day

    Are there any members from the SD site attending the BDS dogs for deer weekend at my place on the 24th/25th september ?

    The saturday is thouse who have or are thinging of getting a pup/young dog and the Sunday is for people who have a tracking dog and would like to try them on some pre layed trails from 3 - 20 hour old trails.

    both days are being run by Kim Schou Jorgenson who will be giving a demo with both his Labrador and his Hanoverian.

    look forward to meeting you.


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    Where about are you based?

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    Where about are you based?
    Hi David, looking at your location a long way..!! I am 4 mile west of Newbury and the A34.


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