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    Hello all
    just been looking through and thought I'd ask what mods do people use and whats the plus or minus points?
    I'll start off
    T8 plus points: quiet, reduces muzzle flip, reduces recoil =better shooting
    minus points: needs a cover stops ting, not stripable
    I've had mine a few years and more than happy with it!


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    Hi Dickie
    As I said on another thread about the A10, watch the nuts and bolts which hold it together. "The Whole Shooting Match" now recommend that you check them after each shot in the beginning. I check mine after every stalk now, whether I have shot or not. Apart from that it is great, nice bit of weight to hold the muzzle flip down and the sound of the bullet strike seems louder than the report (at least to the shooter anyway). My .243 barely kicks at all with it on, it resembles a .22mag instead of a fullbore. It's also good that the A10 can be stripped down to be cleaned, I just feel a bit better getting all the cr*p out from between the baffles. As with every can, take it off the rifle as soon as you can after firing, especially if you've been down the range, otherwise it's just a big can of acid sitting on your crown after a few shots.
    Let us know what you settle on and how you get on with it.

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