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Thread: maxim bushing / drilling / barrel circumfrence

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    maxim bushing / drilling / barrel circumfrence

    I have just collected my new atec maxim moderator and brought it home eager to try it out however the bushing (think this is what its called) on the back of it is too narrow for my tikka t3.

    Does this bit need to be on and if so what width of drill will I need to drill it out or if it does not need to be on how do i get it off?



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    Not Seen a Maxim in the flesh, but if it does have a rear bushing, then don't go near it with a drill!! the bushing needs to be mounted in a lathe and bored out to 0.1mm over barrel diameter.

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    The Maxim has a bush that is held in place with a spring clip.
    The spring clip has to be removed using snipe nosed pliers or something similar.
    As has been said already, the bush/washer then has to be lathed out to just over barrel size.
    I have a spigot thread so was told that the Maxim could be used without the bush but I like to do things properly so the washer is firmly back in place.
    I am surprised the dealer did not do it for you when you collected it, provided you had the rifle with you at the time of course. Every Moderator I have bought that needed the bush fitting to the barrel size has always been done by the dealer at the time of collection, I'm told that is part of the deal, otherwise he is selling you something you can't use.

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    Just to give my experience thus far with the maxim, I use it without the bush and have had no problems what so ever, the ase northstar has no bush and it does not suffer for the lack of it and neither does the maxim,and not using the bush leaves nothing to mark the barrel works well for me

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    The Maxim, or any other moderator with a rear bush, will work without the bush in place.
    It is there purely to add stability to the mod, should it get knocked, rather than rely on just being held in place by the the 1/2" or so of thread on the muzzle.

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    it will work without.....but!
    if you are putting a 6mm through a 6.5mm bore for example as I am I wouldnt dare fire it without.
    Look at a slow motion shot of the barrel resonance when fired. It flexes like a fishing rod
    if your over barrel mod is only secured at the muzzle and you have 0.25mm maximum clearance ( potentially less on one side if the thread is not absolutely square) then it is not difficult to see how it cause baffle strike issues.

    to demonstrate, fit it without the bush, look down the barrel from the breach whilst gently squeezing bush end of the moderator towards the barrel. depending on the clearance on your bore/moderator bore you can see the shadow of the moderator appear. It is flexible enough without the bush to move .25mm or more

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    Jackson Rifles (the importer of the Maxim)
    Recommends that all moderators should be fitted by a competent gun smith.

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    My maxim has the rear bush fitted although this does not "foul" the barrel and will does not cause any marking to the barrel.

    Atec advise : " A tight fit on the barrel is not required and not recommended"

    Another interesting point from the Maxim instruction manual : " Due to its advanced design and high internal operating temperature, the sound moderator is largely self cleaning. Any loose solid impurities, such as powder kernels or carbon chips, can be shaken out of the sound moderator before and after use. Washing with liquids or solvents is not recommended"

    I have previously owned a T8 and a PES Scout T12 and the Atec is far and away the best moderator I have used, light, durable and provides a decent level of sound suppression.



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