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Thread: Reccomended Moderator for a .222

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    Reccomended Moderator for a .222

    Can anyone reccomend a moderator for a .222?



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    I had an ASE Jet Z CQB on mine, excellent mod, but has to be looked after as it's not stainless.

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    .222 mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Briarquest View Post
    Can anyone reccomend a moderator for a .222?


    Hi mate I would definately recomend aPES small centerfire muzzle can,the 8 inch one is the best, got one on my .22 hornet and it really is the dogs reproductive organs

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    Ive got a calibre specific Wildcat Predator 12 compact on mine. Does the job very well


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    A-tec CMM 4, that's what I got on mine, works very well.

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    By far the best I have ever heard is the PES T12 Scout. A mate of mine has one on his .222, barely makes any more noise than a moderated HMR rimfire! I'm seriously impressed with it.

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