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Thread: Safety issue with Tikka T3 Varmint

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    Safety issue with Tikka T3 Varmint

    A friend has a Tikka T3 Varmint which is about two years old and by chance he found that when the rifle is upside down, IE in the landrover, and the bolt is closed when in this position, 95% of the time the action is firing.

    Luckily the rifle wasn't loaded, but since checking the rifle whenever it is inverted and the bolt closed the action fires.

    It appears that the sear cannot engage in this position however if cocked normally and then inverted the rifle can be knocked all day without firing. Has anyone else experienced this. He is going to contact the dealer he purchased the rifle from to get it sorted.

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    Sounds like someone may have adjusted the trigger too light.. I am not that familiar with the Tikka T3 but this is not unheard of.. I would try adjusting the trigger to a heavier pull and see it it sorts the problem.

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    Can we confirm the trigger was adjusted or is factory set?

    Mine is factory set and I carry it upside down all the time. The trigger pull is nice as it is.

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    That's a weird one that!!!

    The said sear will be backed up by a spring, so it needs checked defo.

    Atb Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Couldn't happen to a blaser!

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    What do you mean by "95% of the time the action is firing"?

    Do you mean that the action was left cocked and has released perhaps as a result of a jolt? In which case it suggests that the trigger has been adjusted far too light and the sear has too little engagement possibly, or that there is some other problem with the trigger. In either case it's vital that the rifle is checked out by a gunsmith immediately.

    I take it for granted that the rifle is always unloaded when in the vehicle, but why is the action being left cocked? Surely when you close the bolt on an empty chamber you uncock the action as you close the bolt!

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    Will speak to the lad to check if the trigger has been adjusted.

    To clarify the action is firing immediately when the rifle is upside down as the bolt handle is pushed down to engage the lugs after the bolt is pushed forward. In other words as the rifle is cocked to fire. The issue does not happen when the rifle is at any other angle and happens 9 times out of 10?? Very strange.

    He only found out about it by chance as he had closed the bolt on the unloaded rifle when it was in this position and heard the action firing and then checked again. I can't think of any time you would need to cock the rifle in this position but suppose nothing is outwith the realms of possibility.

    If the rifle is cocked normally and the rifle inverted after, it can be knocked about and will not fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    ...... but why is the action being left cocked? Surely when you close the bolt on an empty chamber you uncock the action as you close the bolt!
    I tried and failed to get this step included in the Best Practice Guide. Most of the time when I mention this to folk as a good thing to do, I just get blank looks. If I had a pound for every time I have seen people applying the safety catch when a round isn't chambered, I could retire. Regards JCS

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    what do you class as upside down?

    to me that is when the rifle is horizontal and the trigger guard up and scope down, but i am sure that is not what you mean.

    do you mean muzzle down?

    if it is firing when muzzle down without any knocking but is position dependant I cant see it just being trigger lightness being the issue.

    surely if it was this light then it would fire with the slightest knock in any position.

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    Yes I,m confused also as to what is meant by upside down. I also can't envisage a situation where or why you would close the bolt with the rifle upside down.

    JCS it's just good practise and done naturally by most riflemen. It would seem logical to teach this to all new shooters.

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