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Thread: Dumfries and Galloway Firearms Dep, 1st class service.

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    Dumfries and Galloway Firearms Dep, 1st class service.

    I have just my variation granted for another rifle from Dumfries Firearms Dep. I have lived in this area for 4yrs now and added quite a few things to my ticket in that time. On most ocassions i have had the variation approved in the same day and my new certificate handed to me. One time i asked to have my ammo quota's raised and it was done in 10 minutes. This time my variation took 3 days as the supervisor was on holiday. I did not get exactly what i wanted on my ticket (rifle but no expanding ammo, just solids for 9.3x62) but at least the supervisor spoke to me face to face and let me get my points accross. He was very polite and explained why i could not get the expanding ammo. He also explained if i gave up another calibre he would then grant me permission for the expanding ammo. I can only praise there service which is probably 2nd to none in the U.K.

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    John there the new supervisor seems to be doing a good job. Good to hear it all went smoothly and there is an opportunity to get expanding ammo down the line if you wanted for using here as well. Good result.

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    wish i lived there !!!! still waiting for mine

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    How is being allowed a hunting rifle but with no expanding ammo allowed good service as all you have is a target rifle?

    If you intend to use it abroad you will have to.

    1. find some expanding ammo abroard or know some one who has the same cal of rifle and is going on your trip and borrow some his extra ammo when you are out of the UK

    2. Be able to buy said ammo and most likely have to pay through the nose to get it rifle with said ammo
    4.have to leave any unused ammo abroard when you come back.

    If this is for a driven boar hunting trip you will find that you may not have time to Pi*s about looking for Ammo when you get to your destination and that there will be very little time to zero it when you are there if you do get some.

    If you find that when you get there the ammo that was aranged to be there for you turns out to be the wrong type/caliber etc you are left with a rifle that is now club or may be able to borrow/Hire a local gun (some of them are no better than wall hangers from what i have seen) which defeats the whole object of having your own rifle to take with you on your hunting trip.

    How is that good service?
    Just my thoughts on the matter!
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Everything you mention was all thought about before i applied for variation. The Agent i'm using for my trip is going and he is supplying me with expanding ammo over there as he uses the same calibre. I will also get some time to zero with this ammo. Plan is to get some familirisation with the handling, recoil, trigger weight etc using solids over here or would you rather i used a "wall hanger"? They will not give me expanding ammo here for 9.3x62 as i have a .300wsm for plains game and its allowed for deer in the U.K. I still think its great service as i was not in limbo waiting for weeks on a decision so i could book the trip knowing i was taking my own rifle. As for leaving some ammo over there, i'm sure somebody else could enjoy it. If everybody lets all these little things get in their way there would be nobody going abroad to shoot! Ian

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    Hi Ian
    I quite agree with your reasoning for practice with your rifle but my point is why let you have a rifle to hunt with and no ammo or did you just get it for target practice? . As you are already able to hold sec 5 ammo where is the risk with you having another expanding caliber? they both will make a 9.3mm hole going in to your target.
    so by my reasoning it is still not 1st class service that they have given you more of a 2nd class fob off!!
    I have 4 deer legal calibers on my fac the smallest is .308 and all of them can be used with expanding ammo any where in the UK.
    Hope you have a good time when you are a way all the same.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I know exactly what your saying. I have 4 rifles for deer as well and letting me have another one wont make any odds. Their arguement is that i already have these other rifles for deer so they wont let me have another. I know its all a load of c--p but as usual i think they are just keeping to the "guidelines". I have quite a lot of other stuff on my ticket as well so i thought they might knock me back because of them. I might try and change it after this Croatia trip.


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