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Thread: Co-terminous?

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    My SGC is up for renewal in November, I got the reminder this week.... An now I have a dilemna....
    Do I go co-terminous or leave it seperate? My FAC still has 3yrs left to run.
    Cost wise I would save 30 but spread over 5 years it's only 6 a year, hardly seems worth it, but it means only having to renew every 5 yrs instead of 3 then 2

    When you go co-terminous is it treated as 2 applications anyway? as in 8 photos instead of 4 and needing 4 referees instead of 2 or does common sense prevail and they combine the two?

    What would you do?
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    I have been co-terminous for a long time. It means it all gets done at once, but there is no reduction in the number of photos required. Regards JCS

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    +1 jcs

    exactly the same with me. No real advantage save financial and the "dont have to think about it for a while" one. Its worth it for me, I hate paperwork.

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    +1 Been Co-terminous for years now it's the way to go, 1 visit every 5yrs.

    Rgds, Buck.

    ( ps the visits every few years were more of an inconvenience )
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    been co-terminous for the last 2 renewals far less hassle

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    Same as, only need to go through the process once every 5 years.
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    Go co-terminus, also a great opportunity for your to ask for an increase in ammo purchase and possession, as well as asking to add one or two new calibres

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    i have had a co-terminus certificate for the last renewal it was a pain having two different renewals

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    Go co-terminous now and throw in a variation (or two) on your FAC while your at it! There must be some other calibre that you 'need'?

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    +1 on coterminous. You can have the same referee(s) on both and it's only one lot of paperwork, one visit from the FEO, one trip to the photo booth.....

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