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Thread: Sloes

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    Out yesterday bashing some bunnies and noticed that the blackthorns are loaded with sloes all looking very ripe and ready to pick. I normally wait for the first frost before collecting them.
    Is anybody else seeing an early crop of sloes?
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    Just started drinking last year's sloe wine, to celebrate!

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    yes m8 the wife has started collecting them already and we are freezing them along with blackberries ,damsins ,plums all off the shoot great stuff depleted my sloe gin stash after a really bad tooth ache that lasted two wks till i had it pulled ,great anesthetic !!!!

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    My plums dropped weeks ago........hang on I might want to rephrase that
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I normally wait for the first frost before collecting them.
    As a slight aside here in Northern Ireland we might already have had our first frost as I noticed that over the last week the official lowest nighttime temp was down at 1.1 degree C one night and 2.0 another night. My bet is that a few sheltered spots in the area got a frost.

    I certainly never remember August to be so cold and we are seeing day time highs in some areas that aren't breaking 15 degrees C most days, the other day when I went out at lunchtime it was 12 here!

    So, pick away as I think a few places even here in NI where it usually doesn't get anywhere near as cold as sheltered spots in Scotland have had a frost.

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    I've seen ripe sloes for about a month now. Probably not quite there for picking yet but it won't be long, especially as autumn seems to be on the doorstep. I never usually pick until October or even November but I think this year will be early.
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    Blackberries are nicely ripe here in't south too and the first windfalls are turning into pies with them. - Yum!


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    Indeed, in my part of Cheshire, on the pheasant shoot that I help do a bit of 'keeping and beating on, we have a bumper crop of sloes. I will wait bit before I pick them, probably early / mid October.

    Just put down this years damson gin - heavy crop of damsons around too.


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    Bushes are loaded noticed this morning berries from size of peas to small plums all blackthorn must be at least 3 differant strains.some may call big ones bullusses.

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    An elder;y farmer's wife told me earlier this week that sloes should not be picked until they have been subjected to the first frost. Anyone know why?

    Would it be the same to pick them now if they look ripe and to freeze them to get the same effect as the frost?

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