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    Hunting Holidays

    The last few weeks have been quite busy with mainly holidays and hunting. Apart from having over friends and family on my permission in Germany I have been to the UK. My good friend Ross invited me over for some muntjac, rabbits and pigeons. That trip had some nice unexpected twists and turns but I tell that story in another thread.

    Firstly, during the rut I invited a good friend of mine to try and shoot a roebuck. According to the culling plan I can shoot 4 roebuck on the permission in Germany. I was invited on many occasions to his cracking roe permission in the Netherlands and finally had the change to do him the same courtesy. I also invited a young huntsmen from the student hunting club of my old University. We had some considerable crop damage because of the wild boar roaming the weed fields. I myself and the youngster would sit at the weed fields to try and shoot some wild boar, or at least scare them away . During the 4 days we were there we saw quite a few boar at night but did not manage to bag one unfortunately. Also I saw some nice red deer stags, unfortunately they were still in closed season.
    In my permission we have several feeding area’s with high seats were we put out maize to attract wild boar. During one of our rounds checking the feeding area's we saw a nice abnormal roebuck at one of the feeding stations. The angle of the shot and no backdrop made us refrain from shooting this buck. My friend decided he would sit at this high seat to try and get this buck. That evening the roebuck came beautifully on the sounds of the buttulo. My friend took the broadside shot, and it vanished into cover. My friend has a teckel tracking dog and after a quick search the buck was found dead 40 meters in cover. Small and abnormal roebuck, nice trophy.

    That week after I went with fellow syndicatemember Jan and my dad. My dad still had one buck left in his culling quota. He sat on a promising high seat were we stalked a nice 6 pointer earlier this year but were not able to get at the right range in time before it disappeared in the woods again. My dad did several calls on the buttulo and a nice roebuck reacted instantly, but it was too jumpy to get a decent shot out. On the third time it jumped out of the woods on my dad’s calling it finally stood broadside for a moment. Shot went out and my dad bagged a small quirky 6 pointer. My dad also made a picture of a doe standing under the high seat, reacting to the call. That same week my mate Jan was in search for a buck and I went along with him to try and call him a buck. We saw a 6 pointer in a area close to a maize field. We sat in the maize and after the first calling on the buttulo this 6 pointer jumped out of the woodland. After some fiddling with shooting sticks which seemed to last ages the shot went out and the buck dropped on the spot. I asked Jan to get him a picture with the buck, but it lookes more like a buck with a mermaid then a huntsmen with its quarry . We tried for another buck later in the evening but nothing happened (doesn’t work every time).

    A week after that I invited my mentor on big game hunting to my permission. This elderly gentlemen taught me a great deal about wild boar and roe hunting. I was pleased I could return him a favour, after years of inviting me and friends on his permission (including Ross from this forum who shot his first wild boar on his permission). Because of some game cameras I hang up on the feeding area’s I knew where roebucks were around. I set him up a promising high seat were 3 bucks where, a knobler, a small spiker and a nice 4 pointer. After I dropped him of I tried for some foxes, but after 20 minutes I heard a shot. I was quite pleased that it turned out he shot the 4 pointer. It had a bad yaw and an old injury on its head, probably from fighting. That same week we tried for some wild boar. I talked my dad into staying all night at this high seat in the woods. Wild boar were bound to come, only at what time??? At 4 o’clock in the morning a single wild boar came onto the feeding area. My dad waited a while to see if there where no piglets with it and tried to establish the gender. He was convinced it was a single male and shot it. Couldn’t see if it dropped but with first light it turned out to lay stone dead on the feeding area. Nice Uberlaufer keiler weighing 48 kilo’s gutted.

    In all had some great times with friends and family.

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    Perfect way to spend time with friends and family doing something you all love. Thanks for sharing this great read cheers

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    Hi Ruud

    Nice write up mate.
    Sounds like you have been havinga great time when I've been slaving away at work

    Sorry I couldnt get the time to meet up while you were in the UK but never mind we will have a good hunt in October.


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    Lovely write up, thanks for sharing H&H.

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    Ruud, good write up as usual.

    Can't wait to come over in a couple of weeks.

    Julie is still worried about the boar climbing the highseats!!!

    I look forward to reading your write up of the time spent in Northamptonshire.



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