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    caught up with a couple of foxes on thursday night.
    The first one is the unluckiest fox ever. Calls her in from about 200yds and as I'm coming around to follow her in my bipod slipped off the wall and clattered into an old iron rail on top of the wall, then, I makes a grab for the sticks only to knock them clattering on to the farm yard floor, finally gets stable and by this time mrs fox has heard enough and is making off when she decides to have one more look at the idiot with the boom boom machine when I finally manage to shoot her.
    The second one came running to the call and stopped broadside on at about 30yds away, vs a 100gr 243 I guess there was only ever going to be one winner.

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    yes the foxes don,t like any thing that comes out of a 243 myself i have been useing 85 gr sp out of my 243 and yes it looks the same good shooting mate seems to be a few about at the min cutting a few crops around here so no where for them to hide

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    Well done limulus , 243 makes a whole lot of damage , managed to get the last one of the grown cubs on my permission on Saturday evening around 7.30pm at 180 yards....well pleased.......and so was the farmer !!!

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