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Thread: The best stalking dog

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    The best stalking dog

    Hi im looking for a stalking dog to use on roe and red can anyone help on which breed would be the best

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    pulls up a chair............

    what do you want it to do? what do you shoot mostly?

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    I mostly shoot roe and red i would like it to track and hold deer and to be with me while im stalking
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    Most dogs will track and hold deer if big and bold enough.

    If its reds possible a German Short Haired Pointer - can bark and pointer sing a bit perhaps to keen at times (hence bark and singing) this said with a very firm hand with training right from the start no greater plesure to own (very much a one man dog not in a nasty way just loyal....) and they never but never get tired and bold......look out gallioth they would take him on! German Wired Haired the same but not as likely to bark and sing. If its your first shooting dog definatly a black lab.....brilliant all rounder a lot of stalkers use them.

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