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Thread: highseat trouble

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    highseat trouble

    Well I have just come back in, and while stalking around a farm this evening i came to a seat i put up last week, thought i'd sit in it for a while so gave it a good pull which is the first thing i do when checking a seat, and it nearly fell on me. Some tosser had cut the strap and the wire, then left the seat balanced on the tree, i can only assume this was in the hope i would get part way up it before it fell on me.
    I've heard of things like this but never experienced it before.
    Be careful everyone.

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    ive mine secured with a heavy chain and padlock

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    Stealth Cam, find out who's snooping around and then report them for criminal damage.


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    wire it up to some high voltage...
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    I own a large amount of high seats and have only ever had one damaged. Try putting a sticker on saying RSPB OBSERVATION POINT - makes the bunny huggers for me.

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    Trip wire and claymore does the trick.

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    Had it happen more than once.freestanders staked down have been broken and pushed into nearest ditch warning signs do little good. caught 1 tosser in the act warned him he was out of order etc and miles from nearest public ROW and used mobile to inform police he was placeing himself and others in danger he got offical warning so now has a police record.

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    Hi Mjjl

    I have had trouble with mine this year with some tosser trying to make off with one of my free standing seats. I have now secured all my seats with channels driven into the ground then bolted throudh the legs. this also stops them tipping over so easy.

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    Hi Mjjl,
    I've been out near to you and will keep an ear out. Couple of mates likewise. Might save someone a nasty fall.

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