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    Proud daddy

    Took my lab with me stalking tonight, she kept the spirits up during the rain, and pushed on being a good girl, heeling nicely. At 20:20 we spotted a buck outside a woodline, feeding in the long grass next to a millet field. From 200yds we crawled up to 100yds where I asked her to lay down and wait..from there I crawled another 20 yds to 80yds of the deer. I snuck over to a stone wall and at 20:40 dropped him on the spot from a rest on/off the top of the stone wall. Perfect heart shot too

    He's a 5 pointer, I'd say 2 yrs old, would probably have made a decent 6 pointed in due course, but I the stalk was far to good and exciting to worry about letting him off the hook,,,and it was also a great chance for my dog to get better at stalking with me, and to practise some tracking skills, and even though no tracking was necessary, she 'found' him perfectly, and as you can see, was VERY proud.

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    Well done, what a proud dog!! I wish I had the space and time to keep a dog at home, I reckon they would make great companions out in the field and get us out of some possibly sticky situations. Luckily my dad has enough dogs for all of us when needs be!!! I remember the looks my dads old springer used to give him if he fluffed a shot at the Mallard, a total look of disgust!!. I can only imagine what your Lab would have said if you had fluffed it ???

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    well done, and what a proud looking lab my black lab is in pup to a yellow dog at the moment.

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    Hi PKL, iv only pretty recently started taking my GWP with me stalking........she's only 10 months old and still a pup but for me it makes the experiance all the better. I was out earlier tonight looking for signs of the reds and she is coming on well, stopping when told, walking to heel. Wouldn't be without her...............Although I wasn't saying that last weekend when she ate an entire Indian take - away then shat rings around herself for the next two days.

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