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Thread: Summer/winter clothes.

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    Summer/winter clothes.

    I know this has been to death been thinking about buying harkila prohunter jacket would ths jacket be to warm for the summer if so what jacket would you recommend for the summer thanx.

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    I have a prohunter jacket and use it only for winter hunting. Too warm and noisy for summer woodland stalking. The pro hunter with its zip in fleece liner is a great winter jacket for the type of hunting we do here. Plenty of lighter softshell jackets on the market for summer stalking.

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    Go on ebay and get yourself a mil surplus windproof smock and wash the nikwax waterproofing for cotton into it. It will be waterproof for 2+ hours of solid rain but pretty light weight/breathable for summer stalking. The pockets are great and well designed, the hood is good and if the DPM colours are too dark for you then the new MTP colours are much lighter and the dye used in them is supposed to reflect heat to keep the wearer cool. The MTP ones seem to be a different material which is softer, so better for pushing through trees etc. but as a result it isn't as waterproof though still good for 2 hours or more when treated with the nikwax.

    I've seen brand new DPM ones sell for 7 and brand new MTP ones sell for 25, solid olive green or black ones also come up.

    If you are very worried about waterproofing then also buy a German Flecktarn Goretex jacket (about 13) and wear it under the smock on REALLY wet days. That way you keep all your pockets etc. but are 100% waterproof.

    You will have no concerns about ripping it on barbed wire or when crawling up a ditch and I am sure you will be amazed at just how well a 7 jacket works for you, including how waterproof it is.

    I went down this route about this time last year, including fishing and working sheep in the Hebrides and a winter of stalking in ireland, and my expensive Musto jackets etc. haven't been out of the house since for stalking. You can spend the money you save on more stalking.

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