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Thread: Tagging along ?

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    Tagging along ?

    Is there anyone about who wouldn't mind a youngster trying to get into stalking tagging along with them on an outing to show them what its all about ?

    Trying to get my 243 signed off for deer, FEO says I need to get experience on Deer, I am getting Deer added with a mentoring condition, am also going to book a stalk when Does come in later in the season.

    In the meantime I was wondering If I could accompany anyone for some extra experience, I wouldn't feck about and make noise, and would gladly get stuck in where needed and do the lifting/carrying and odd bits n bobs

    Im based in South Wales but don't mind doing a bit of travel. Hope I not being cheeky.

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    Nobody ? lol

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    Where abouts in the country are you? If you're in Yorkshire I'd happily take you out.


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    In South Wales mate lol! Bit of a trip, might take you up on it though if I get no luck if thats ok

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