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Thread: fester

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    has anyone heard anything from steyr243 lately?? he seems to have gone to ground.unless hes busy rutting knowing him

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    found him,he says hes been busy every night doing up a vespa!! and we thought he was just a skater boy .im sure a few of you wont take the p@$s

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    Texted him today myself to ask where he was as he is being missed. Apparently his modem has blown up, must be all that porn again.
    The dirty little bleeder.


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    a up wadas,hope you are well mate,i think you are spot on about the modem

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    Hello gents
    Not been on for a while, Work work work & just generally busy I cant get used to being on permanent days now as i dont seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done
    Nice to know ive been missed tho & will now get things flowing again on the site
    Good talking to ya today wadas & my old mate andy, (Who still aint shot a deer) I had to get that 1 in mate
    Hi malcolm if you read this. hope you liked the txt.
    I will be on again tomorrow nite

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    Hi Fester
    Goods to see you back on again mate, Im like you Nick been on days for 3 years now working in projects and after 20 years on shifts, you just cant get anything done.


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    whats hes trying to say smithy is he only as time to look at the other kind of sites which hes glued to every nite.furry and the likes good to see you back have been missed as you can see

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    Well if he is still playing with his "Vespa" he will be out looking for a Fox tail to hang on the ariel and plenty of mirrors to stick on the front, plus a second hand parker jacket to be a Scooter Boy (Mod)

    And if his modem has blown up..........hey wait a minute didnt he just get his computer fixed a short while back and now its blown up again I tend to agree with Andy, probably overloaded with porn

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    Ay Up Smithy mate, How ya going
    Malc me old china, Its them bleeding sites you linked me that done my modem in
    At least the PC was ok this time tho 2 modems from BT later & its up & running again now I was starting to pull my hair out with frustration
    have you got any pics from scotland you can email malc Wud love to see the results mate!! O & a pic of your truck buddy

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    Anyway whats wrong with a VESPA Anyone got a front rack for 1 so i can strap my deer to it to get them home
    (We are the Mods We are the Mods)

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