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    deer park

    i have for some time now i have had a itch that needs scratching regarding a deer park ,what is the legality of imparking a parcel of ground for such a thing ,hopefully i wont have to ask her majesty to do such a thing but there must be some sort of legislation ,bound to be miles of red tape involved
    yours hopefully
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    done something similar a few years back. The main stumbling block up here was the access legislation. Enclosing a area was expensive but no problem. We already had wild deer raiding the farm land . We drove most out and retained about 20 hinds that seemed to be hefted, bought in 9 old park stags and 10 old hinds and went from there.
    Initially my deer gates were self closing on chains which allowed pedestrian access. In the rut, because the park stags were tame , i padlocked the gates which brought me directly into conflict with the access code. My stance was that my assesment of the potential risk to pedestrians warranted this temporary exclusion and that if the council required me to open the gates i would only do so if they would pick -up the public liability.
    Deer parks do involve you taking responsibility for the welfare of the deer enclosed. One of the key points being that the deer must be free to exhibit normal behavoir. How this is interpreted is open to debate but i would suggest as large an area as possible combining areas of dense cover ,grazings, wallows and ideally some higher ground to allow deer to get up into the wind away from flies ect.
    Sighting it away from rights of way , local walks ect will also help reduce stress to both the deer and yourself.

    There seem to be a number of more experienced contributers on the forum who may give more help.

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    no public access totally private land next to the shoot ,was thinking of fallow as they are so colourful ,good spot out of the wind with land drains, springs i can open up also a pond area ,not a massive plot but not looking to put large numbers down .

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