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Thread: Loft clear out

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    Loft clear out

    For sale I have the following items

    Leuplod 1", High Rings in Matt 15.00 plus postage
    Redhead rifle slip with side pocket 20.00 plus postage
    30mm one piece mount for sale 10.00 plus postage.

    Items advertised else where.

    Attachment 8881

    Attachment 8877
    Attachment 8882
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    baron roll please

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    Lee Perfect powder measure 8.00 plus postage please, pm me postage details,

    Kindest regards

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    Does the one piece mount have a pin on the underneath and is this for an AI action?


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    There is a stainlees steel roll pin under it, this mount came attached an A.I S&B 10x42 scope that I bought, I would think it did came from an AI.

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    I'll have the hard case if it takes a scoped rifle.
    PM me your address I am in Edinburgh

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    if the power mesaure is still for sale i'll have it

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    hi, will the one piece 30mm mount fit a 50mm objective scope?
    Don't suppose you are selling a decent scope?! need one for my .223 Tikka M595 which is what the one piece mount will be for.

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    Nice to meet you, thanks for the case.
    fits like a glove and has already been used.

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    Bills, I am not sure if it will fit your tikka as I think that this mount came of a A.I rifle, I have only got the mount because I bought an A.I 10x42 schmidt and bender and it was still attached to it. I don't have any scopes for sale I am afraid.

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