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Thread: Trip to Gloucester

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    Trip to Gloucester

    Went over to see Nick "Redcoat" on the forum, sadly could not come to terms with any Muntjac, but did manage a Roe Buck.

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    well done good looking buck their looks in good condition

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    I really should have waited to make the posting until after I had taken a little nap.

    Many thanks Nick for this mornings sport, I think we will wait for the bracken to die down a bit so we can see those illusive Munties.

    webby954, the buck was in good body condition, we noted the loss of facial hair on him, but otherwise he was a good looking boy, taken whilst following a doe through the woods.

    Thanks again Nick, see you soon


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    Thanks Guy, a quick off hand shot and dead in his tracks, that is how it is done! Look forward to seeing you and Aubrey again, always fun and entertaining.

    Regards Nick

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    Well done lads.
    guy the combines are parked in the wheat ready to go.
    Light rain here now might stop play but if warm and dry tomorrow you could come early and shoot some rabbits.
    ring me mid morning I'm out first thing.

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    I spent an evening stalking with Nick a couple of weeks ago. A strong, swirling wind hampered our efforts, but we did see a very good 6 pointer roe buck....just after he winded us. Superb ground to stalk over, and hope to be able to book again soon.

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