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Thread: Ceramic Blade?

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    Ceramic Blade?

    Just seen an article on the production of ceramic knife blades, these were for chef's knives but i presume other types must be available, the article said that the ceramic blade was stronger than steel?
    If this was the case why do we not see more of them in the stalking world?
    Anybody had, got or used one out of interest?


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    Not used one but would be surprised if a ceramic was stronger than steel, can definately see it being a lot harder than steel.


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    It is possible to sharpen ceramics down to a finer edge than most steels, they are however brittle.

    Surgeons went through a faze of using ceramic scalpels, then obsidian (volcanic glass) made a comeback. But for most serious uses on a deer carcass i cannot see steel being beaten. Its relatively flexible and easy to sharpen.

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    In a previous life... I developed materials for ceramic knives, I also built a manufacturing plant and designed
    special machinery for the production of around 10000 knives per year. Ceramics for knives have advantages and
    also disadvantages. Most imported ceramic knives and maybe one European manufacturer use partially stabilised zirconia.
    This material has great mechanical properties but looses strength when in contact with water over time. I had tested
    that and it is true. I think, in about 50 cycles of sterilisation steam bath we lost 50% strength. So a dishwasher would do
    harm over time. I started blending oxide ceramics and we came up with a good compromise that didn't have that problem.
    The ceramic cristals are a bit problematic when sharpening, therefore ceramics can mostly not be sharpened as sharp
    as steel. Also the brittelnes doesn't allow to go lower than 30 deg angle. But for a kitchen knife they can be plenty sharp.
    Ceramic is much much harder than steel and will not corrode meaning a well sharpened blade which is treated well will have
    a much longer time being sharp. Very usefull in households where the husband is useless at sharpening a knife.
    I have my drawers full of ceramic knives, love them for all veggies and kitchen work. For skinning deer or butchering
    I prefer good old fashioned steel.

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    A friend of mine used a puma a few years back. If I remember correctly it was'nt that east to sharpen!!


    Rgds, Buck.

    PS. Boker also do Ceramic.
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    Zirconia is also extensively used in the dental industry- here is Zirkonzahn's offering:

    Merchandise - Zirkonzahn GmbH

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    just the thing for school kids it wont set off a metal detector , never heard anything so daft

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    Not really a stabbing blade...
    Maybe I'm showing my age here, but our first metalwork project in high school was making a hunting knife.
    The fearful and paranoid will be relieved to hear that Zirconia blades are radio opaque, and will show up very clearly at airport scanners.

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    A Bugger to sharpen though but
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    The gray black ceramic that Puma uses is as far as I know Silicon Nitride, a very light weight ceramic with very good properties.
    Complicated to manufacture though.
    All of these ceramics can usually only be sharpened with diamond. Mostly around 20 micron either resin or nickel binding.
    I know in Europe they used Zirconia for dental parts, we also made a few bits, in the US (years ago) they didn't allow it for heart valves.

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