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Thread: Portable air conditioners

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    Portable air conditioners

    Has anybody on the site ever used one of these for a cold room?

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    air conditioners

    I went down that road,with one you put ice in,you can also use it as a heater.Too much bother for me.
    its free to any member who will collect it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tia View Post
    Has anybody on the site ever used one of these for a cold room?
    I have just spoke to a sparky about using one to keep my cutting room at a decent temp,but,he said that although it would work that it would cost a lot to run.


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    expensive to buy and worse to run.
    its the fact that they sit in the room and have to have an exhaust to blow the hotter air out of the room that kills the efficiency.

    you could pick up a cheaper static one that would probably be better

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    I aquired an AC unit a while ago and thought it would be a good idea, although the ambient tempature was reduced and it helped with the air flow, it just could`nt get the larder down low enough to allow for a good hanging period! The unit only managed +15c, which is chilly if your in the house but not for a larder and any beasts would soon start t sweat, so only managed a couple of days 3 at the most for hanging!
    So I`m on the look out for a chiller unit! hope this helps

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