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Thread: I wish I had a camera!!!!

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    I wish I had a camera!!!!

    Had planned to go out this morning at first light to try and bump into a fallow buck and also to put out my new game trail camera. So early to bed last night alarm set for 3.30 am .
    At 2.30 I get a tap on my shoulder from my pregnant wife saying she has terrible heart burn so we are both up looking for somthing to sort out her trouble ( had a chinese take away last night could be the cause of problem) as I was up decided to head away earlier than planned so was at my permission at 4.30. Got my self in a good possion and waited for day break and what did I see ? Nothing !!
    Decided to have a slow stalk to the other end of farm and on way I spotted 2 young foxes playing just of the boundary fence I watched them play for about 15 mins they were in really good nick and having a great time . If I had a decent camera with me could of had some great shots. The farm I stalk on has no problem with foxes so not aloud to shoot them even if on the other side of fence. When they went of view I gave a quick squeek and no word of a liar one came running over so fast it would have put most dogs to shame! Talking of dogs my border terrier cross Jack (pip) had noticed the fox and had a very sour look on her face as if to say are you going to shoot that or WHAT !!!
    The fox came within 6ft of us before thinking some thing was not right it then made short work of getting away .
    Any way back to looking for fallow , no bucks at all but did see 2 does and fawns once again should of had camera.
    Before heading for home I put up game trail camera on the edge of a maze field so hopfully will get some pics to have a look at if I get some good ones I will post them next week

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    If you took the camera you wouldn`t have seen anything.......sods law and all that.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    How many times must I have gone fishing and thought "I wish I'd brought a net" when for last 20 or so outings I've been out I've caught bugger all and thought for once "I'll travel lightly this time"!!!

    As Basil says, sod's law, but hope you get some good pics with the trail cam...


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    Maybee next time I should leave the rifle at home as well just think what i would see then !!!!!!

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