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    SAKO Ammunition

    I recently had a problem with some SAKO 90grs gameheads .243

    Some of the batch had loose and damaged heads and the grouping was very erratic, but most worryingly three cases were very tightly jammed in the chamber and difficult to eject and the primers had fallen out on firing. I see that "Shooting Times" (20th July,page 62) also had a problem with these, and I have received no explanation from either SAKO or the importer GMK, has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Duff Sako ammo

    Had the same problem a few months back, half way through a box of .243 Gamehead 100grn, bolt jammed on my sauer and had a job to opened it.Once opened the primer was out of the case and the case had signs of over pressure,i took the rifle plus ammo to the gun shop wear i bought them from and asked for my rifle to be reproofed and the ammo proof tested, the rifle came back ok, not herd anything yet on the ammo not to sure i ever will. but GMK picked up the bill for reproofing and bought back my half used box plus the other 4 boxes of ammunition.

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    My Sauer 202 absolutely hates Sako 100g .243.. 6" groups on a good day... Sauers do love Federal Power Shok tho.

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    Yes, I accepted some Federal 95grs as a replacement for the Sako from GMK, I am very pleased with these and managed a 0.5" group on my DSC zero target last Saturday (By far the best I that have ever shot). I am however doing some reloads as well and these too look quite promising.

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