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    Thanks to one of this site's regular contributors, I went out pig shooting last Friday night.

    A great night, star filled sky and mild. Whilst we had pigs all around us, only one showed himself and he wasn't going to stop for anyone.

    I could see why the group of guys that look after the pigs in this area are so into it. A word of warning - a dark night and deep wheels ruts can embarrass the unsuspecting!

    Thanks again to my host.




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    I think I know your hosts Rob, a fine bunch of men and an excellent bit of country. I bet it was a buzz, having all those piggies around!
    Lets hope the anti's release some more!!

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    Glad you enjoyed Rob.
    Everyone I took out always commented on the "buzz", had no one who didn`t enjoy it, and everyone commented as there wasn`t much to beat it !

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    it was a pleasure to have your company, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed yourself. There's always next time.


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